Version 3.0

Windows 95/98/ME/2K/XP

 NetFor2, a simple solution to Internet networking...

NetFor2 enables two computers to share the same telephone line, cable or DSL connection without the need for a computer network. You don't have to install any new hardware in your computers. All you need is a serial cable connecting your two PC's. You will pay just one ISP subscription fee, one telephone bill, and no concurrent hours cost.

What is NetFor2, anyway ?

 NetFor2 highlights...

NetFor2 supports Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL and in general, any Internet programs that uses TCP/IP. You can browse, send and receive e-mail, chat, download and upload files, play videos and games, etc. Here are some of the highlights:

The connection speed of the child PC exceeds 100 Kbps when the parent has a Cable or DSL modem. For Dial-Up connections (56 K or less) the child achieves the same speed as your parent computer.

For AOL users, you can connect either one of the two computers using the same Screen Name (you must use the ISP/LAN option for the child PC).

For Cable and DSL connections both parent and child computers are constantly connected to your server. The Dial-Up process performed by the child PC will never find a busy line.

NetFor2 opens a data display window on the parent PC. Here you can see names of the connecting sites, their IP addresses, HTTP headers, cookies, TCP/IP and PPP packets, Winsock calls and more.

NetFor2 is a "non-invasive" program. It does not add any DLL's and doesn't change your computer settings. If you want to get rid of it, simply delete the program Net42.exe from your computer.

  The serial cable...

The serial cable connecting your two computers must be a null modem (computer to computer) type. It can be purchased from any electronic supply store.


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